This is how you need to trade the Signals Provided daily on this page.
There are between 6 to 8 pairs recommended with the exact Stop Loss and Take profit levels.
All Signals are provided before 9:00 am London time and they all are Pending Buy Stop and Sell Stop Orders.

You need to place these Pending Orders immediately. If you are a little bit late and if the trades have been triggered, no problem, you may enter at the Market Price but use the same Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels.Once a trade makes a Profit, remove the opposite pending order. Remove all pending orders if they are not triggered by 10:00 pm London time.

If the Market reverses or if you get stopped out, the opposite pending order will be triggered.
If the market is Ranging then there is a possibility of getting stopped out on both the buy and the sell trades. Some days it will happen but do not worry, we will end up the month in Profit.


Once you reach 75% of your Target Price, bring your Stop Loss to 50% Profit target price. For example your Profit Target is 40 pips and the market reaches 30 pips in profit, bring your stop loss to 20 pips. This is to ensure that if the Market retraces you will still make 20 pips profit instead of letting the market go back all the way in loss.

The figure below shown what will be the 75% of t

ake profit given , when full take profits is 60pips and market moved in your favour with 45 pips kindly move the SL to 50% of the full TP which is 30 pips

For instance if we are buying GBP/USD @ 1.3600 our SL is 1.3540 Take profit is 1.3660, if this order trigger and market move in your favour with 45 pips that is when price hit 1.3645 move ur SL to 1.3630 while waiting for your full TP to be hit or being stopped out with 30pips you have booked instead of lossing all.


Our Recommended method is this method called ” Short Term Targeting”. How does it work? As the signals were given set 15/20pips as Tp not the target given in the signal on, GBPs pair such as GBP/AUD, GBP/USD,GBP/NZD,GBP/JPY,GBP/CHF and on EUR/JPY, EUR/USD,EUR/GBP,AUD/USD let the target be 10pips on both sell and buy order

Set the stop loss as given in the signal, by using this method on daily basis you will be making nothing less than 50 pips sometimes 100 pips or 150 pips or more.

Look at example in the result below: